Governor signs 'BLE Bill' in West Virginia

A law prohibiting law enforcement officials from forcing Locomotive Engineers to show their drivers license following an accident has been signed into law in the State of West Virginia.

West Virginia Governor Cecil Underwood signed HB 2311 earlier this year, making it legal for Engineers to show photo identification provided by their employers instead of their personal drivers license. If Engineers do not have a carrier-provided photo ID, then they must provide the drivers license.

In the photo to the above, Governor Underwood (seated) signs the bill on March 13, 1999. Standing, from left, is Tony Reed, West Virginia State Legislative Board Secretary-Treasurer; Jim Worles, First Vice-Chairman of the West Virginia State Legislative Board; and Brent Boggs, a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates and Political Affairs Coordinator for the BLE's National Legislative Office in Washington, D.C. Boggs also belongs to BLE Division 751 (Gassaway, W.Va.). Not pictured, but instrumental to lobbying for the legislation is West Virginia State Legislative Board Chairman Darrell Blake.

1999 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers