BLE victory on VIA Rail

Arbitration award secures flow back of conductors to CN, dispels UTU rumors

In a major arbitration victory for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, the Canadian National Railway has been forced to accept the flow back of displaced former conductors and assistant conductors from VIA Rail.

After VIA Rail consolidated the crafts of conductor and locomotive engineer in 1997, there were various conductors who could not hold work under the new craft structure. Using a settlement negotiated in 1987, the BLE secured the rights of these individuals to "flow back" to CN as conductors.

However, CN refused to acknowledge the agreement and did not allow the flow back of the adversely impacted conductors. Full story

La FIL gagne haut-la-main dans la cause de VIA Rail

Transport unions commit to solidarity

On December 6 and 7, four unions met to discuss issues and methods of improving the working and living conditions of their memberships.

BLE secures delay of Availability Policy

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has successfully secured a 60-day delay in the implementation of Burlington Northern Santa Fe's Availability Policy, BNSF Vice-General Chairman Pat Williams reported.

H.R. 3091 mobilization

Even though Congress is in recess for the holidays, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers is spearheading a mobilization drive to generate continued support of H.R. 3091 -- an amendment to the Hours of Service Act that would greatly reduce railroad worker fatigue.

Legislative Update: DC Feedback

Have a question about federal laws, Federal Railroad Administration rules that impact your job, or about pending legislation governing our industry?

Legislative Update: NASLBC get Meany Center training

The BLE's National Association of State Legislative Board Chairmen (NASLBC) received several days of intense political training at the George Meany Center last month.

Engineer training trips vital to safety

On the sixth anniversary of a fatal collision near Kelso, Wash., BLE members and their families held several safety demonstrations against the Union Pacific Railroad on November 11 in Portland, Ore., Seattle and Fife, Wash.

BLE, UMWA forge partnership to protect West Virginia coal mines

The BLE continues to support the United Mine Workers of America as it battles a West Virginia court ruling that could cost thousands of coal miners -- and railroad workers -- their jobs.

Teamster strike turns violent as it enters seventh week

As the Teamsters' strike against Overnite Transportation enters its seventh week, the once peaceful strike is turning violent, and Teamsters officials say the company is publicly underestimating the toll that the strike is taking.

BLE member injured in head-on collision

A Union Pacific freight train from Minnesota slammed head-on into an empty grain train near this small northwest Iowa town, killing a conductor and the driver of a van that was parked by the tracks.

BLE Senior Report

Railroad retirement annuities, like social security benefits, are scheduled to increase in January 2000 on the basis of the rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) during the 12 months preceding October 1999.

AFL-CIO asked to stiffen UTU sanctions

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers has formally asked the AFL-CIO to extend the sanctions currently placed on the United Transportation Union to include, among other items, the payment of financial damages to the BLE.

Three confirmed to NMB positions

On November 19, the Senate confirmed the White House's nomination of Magdalena G. Jacobsen, Ernest W. DuBester and Francis J. Duggan to the National Mediation Board (NMB).

Governor signs 'BLE Bill' in West Virginia

A law prohibiting law enforcement officials from forcing Locomotive Engineers to show their drivers license following an accident has been signed into law in the State of West Virginia.

BLE to upgrade web site

The International Division of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers is in the process of upgrading its web server, and BLE members will enjoy the benefits of this improved service after Jan. 1, 2000.

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December 1999

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