Education & Training Department completes S-T Workshop

Approximately 35 BLET Secretary-Treasurers completed a four-day Education & Training Department workshop in Cleveland, Ohio, from December 2-5, 2007.

First row, from left: David Torgerson, MT SLB S/T; Jeff Hiivala, S/T Div 27; Roger Adams, S/T Div 124; James Rosas, UP SR GCA S/T; Rob Armstrong, OR SLB S/T; Dave Cook, S/T Div 165; Chad Colucci, S/T Div 292; Ken Kroeger, Coordinator of Education & Training & Special Representative; Richard Conner, S/T Division 578; William Walpert, NST & Director of Education and Training; Walt Schmidt, Webmaster; Sue Caruso; Thomas Caruso, S/T Div 335.

Second row, from left: Gregory Lund, President Div 421; Thomas Brewer, S/T Div 103; Norman Mc Sweyn, S/T Div 521; Eddie Perez, S/T KCS Tex-Mex; Scott Schrader, Alternate S/T Div 537; Gerry Pack, S/T Div 316; William Gould, S/T Div 213; Royce Chambers, S/T Div 727.

Third row, from left: Edward Travis III, S/T Div 421; Justin Sterling, S/T Division 3; David Lewis, S/T Div 886; William Brooks, S/T Div 426

Last, from left: Mark Anderson, Minn. SLB S/T; Phillip Fullerton, S/T Div 336; Chris Noren, S/T Div 92; Bruce, Galloway, S/T Div 286; Chad Matthews, S/T Div 370; John Chaliff, S/T Div 199; Pedro Mendoza, S/T Div 129.



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