Local Chairmen completed advanced training

Several BLET members recently completed an Advanced Local Chairman Workshop sponsored by the BLET Education & Training Department. The workshop was at the National Labor College/George Meany Center in Silver Spring, Md., from November 11-16.

This workshop was one day longer than the regular Local Chairman's workshop and went into greater detail on writing, claims handling, and investigations. Among other assignments, the students were given a topic to research and report back to the class. Also, there were sessions on Duty of Fair Representation (DFR) and the Railway Labor Act (RLA). Workshop attendees also wrote several appeal letters for cases that were studied in class. A highlight of the workshop was when attendees participated in a simulated disciplinary hearing.

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees qualified for a $107 per day stipend from the North American Railway Foundation. The stipends will be paid directly to the Secretary-Treasurers of the respective divisions.

Similar workshops are planned for 2008. Dates and locations for next year are yet to be determined, but please visit the BLET website, www.ble-t.org, for details. When meetings are finalized for next year, details will be announced on the BLET website.

Attendees are pictured here. Front row, from left:: Don Hill, LC Div. 31, UP Northern Region; David Bowen, Vice General Chairman CSX Western Lines; Teresa Bryant, LC Div. 30, CSXT Western Lines; Rick Radek, Vice President & Director of Arbitration; William Walpert, NST & Director of Education & Training; and Ken Kroeger, Coordinator of Education & Training and Special Representative.

Second row, from left: Ben Blissett, Coordinator, BLET Safety Task Force; Steven Leyshon, LC Div. 766, UP Western Region; Alan Holdcraft, LC Div. 776, BNSF Santa Fe; James Thomas, LC Div. 87, CP(D&H) DH/ST; and Doug Davidson, Assistant Director of Arbitration / Labor Member ­ National Railroad Adjustment Board.

Third row, from left: Richard Crow, LC Div. 404, UP Northern Region; Bruce Carlson, LC Div. 290, BNSF/MRL; Garry Tutor, LC Div. 249, BNSF ATSF; Mark Birch, Div. 255, NS Northern Lines; and Jeremy McFather, LC Div. 446, BNSF Santa Fe.



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