S-Ts gather in Cleveland for Education & Training workshop

Approximately 25 Secretary-Treasurers from across the country gathered in Cleveland in early December for a Secretary-Training workshop hosted by the BLET's Education & Training Department.

During the workshop, members learned various techniques for the online reporting of monthly reports from officers and staff of the BLET's National Division.

Seated, from left: Joyce Shaffer, ST Division 172 (Fort Worth, Texas); Andrew Goulet, ST MISLB; Ken Kroeger, Coordinator, Education & Training Dept.; Jim Bradford, Special Rep.; Bill Walpert, National Secretary-Treasurer; Bob Broka, Director of Record Dept.; Walt Schmidt, Director of Online Services; and Michael Mercier, UPRR Northern Region ST.

First row: Ed Way ILSLBC; William Kruspe, ST ILSLB; Kris Gottinger, ST Division 405 (Milwaukee, Wisc.); Dean Klaus, UPRR Northern Region Alt. ST; Jonathan Thompson, ST Division 333 (St. Paul, Minn.); Jim Bess, ST Division 33 (Battle Creek, Mich.); Keith Griffith, ST Division 79 (Columbus, Ohio); Thomas Curran, Local Chairman Division 659 (Buffalo, N.Y.); Steve Labhart, ST Division 754 (Terre Haute, Ind.); Gary Zahorchak, ST Division 757 (New Castle, Pa.); Jeff Wood, ST VASLB; and Nick Capriglione, President/LR Division 286 (Grand Rapids, Mich.).

Second Row: Mike Mathis, ST Division 34 (Columbus, Ohio); Dan Maynard, ST KYSLB / Div 271 (Russell, Ky.); Guy McLennan, ST Division 176 (Adams, Wisc.); Craig Morris, ST Division 35 (Jacksonville, Fla.); Jesse Koetzle, ST Division 9 (Waseca, Minn.); Jonathan Robinson, ST Division 365 (Louisville, Ky.); Chad Holub, Division 766 (Las Vegas, Nev.); Todd Smith, Division 585 (North Little Rock, Ark.); John Henke, Secretary Treasurer Division 724 (Salem, Ill.); Mark Anderson, ST MNSLB; and Dave Martinez, Alt ST ILSLB.

Back row: Jeff Purdin, ST Division 345; Brian Oatman, ALT LEG REP & VP Division 273; John B. Mobley, ST Division 398 (San Bernardino, Calif.); Dennis Kosturko, Jr, ST Division 325 (Wilkinsburg, Pa.); and Gilbert Gardiner, Division 711 (Baytown, Texas).




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