BLET to implement new dues collection system

Internet-based system set to start on January 1, 2005

The BLET will be implementing a new dues collection and reporting system on January 1. The system is internet based and all Division Secretary-Treasurers are required to file their reports via the BLET website, .

As a result of the new reporting system, all divisions must be current, as of January 1, on their filings or payment of dues. If a division is delinquent, they will not be given access to their January status report until they have filed and the National Division has processed all of the delinquent reports.

If the reports are delinquent, the General Committee will hold all of the division's local dues until the current report is filed. Timely filing will affect a division's ability to pay their local bills.

Throughout October and November, National Division officers and staff have conducted numerous online demonstrations with Division Secretary-Treasurers as well as with General Committee Secretary-Treasurers. The demonstrations have been followed up by conference calls to help work out the bugs. The tests have been successful as the S-Ts and National Division continue working together to familiarize themselves with the new system.



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