10th AFL-CIO State Federation enacts RCO safety resolution

A total of 10 AFL-CIO State Federations have enacted remote control safety resolutions as this issue of the Locomotive Enginer Newsletter goes to press, the latest being Wisconsin and Georgia.


The Wisconsin AFL-CIO adoped a resolution calling for the State of Wisconsin and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to end the use of unregulated remote control locomotive operations within the state.

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO passed the resolution on October 23. It states, in part, that, "employees with as little as two weeks of training" as remote operators are controlling the movement of hazardous materials in "close proximity to our homes, schools, places of work, and hospitals."

Wisconsin AFL-CIO President David Newby said, "The Wisconsin AFL-CIO totally supports the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in their campaign to seek the end of the unregulated use of remote control locomotives."


In late October, the Georgia State AFL-CIO unanimously passed a remote control safety resolution at its 47th annual convention in Savannah, Ga.

The resolution was submitted by Brother Raymond Taylor, Chairman of the BLE Georgia State Legislative Board.

As a result of the resolution, Georgia State AFL-CIO President Charlie Key sent a letter to FRA Administrator Allan Rutter, which read in part, "In addition to normal safety concerns of having an unstaffed multi-ton vehicle moving through traffic and rail yards, a major concern is that such vehicle can more easily become the target of a terrorist."

Also at the convention, Brother Taylor was re-elected to the office of Vice-President, 4th District, of the Georgia State AFL-CIO.

10 State Feds

In addition to Wisconsin and Georgia, eight other AFL-CIO state federations have passed remote control resolutions. They are: Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Missouri, North Dakota and Nebraska.



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