Roberts, UMWA thank BLE delegates for donations

Delegates at the BLE International Convention in Miami Beach, Fla. contributed more than their votes and voices to the BLE - they also raised money for the families of 13 mine workers killed in an accident on September 23.

The brothers and sisters in Miami contributed $6,355 to assist families whose loved ones died in an explosion at the Jim Walter Resources Number 5 mine in Brookwood, Ala.

These miners were honored by Cecil Roberts, the President of the United Mine Workers of America, during his speech to the delegates. Roberts sent a thank you letter to the BLE International Division on November 13.

BLE Alabama State Legislative Board Chairman Tommy E. Hudson (Division 156) also thanked BLE delegates for the generous contributions.

BLE members load and haul coal at the mine where the fatal accident took place.

"My Division loads coal down there at those mines and I know a lot of those guys down there and a lot of their families," Brother Hudson said to the delegates at the convention in Miami Beach. "It was a terrible tragedy. We really thank you."

A copy of President Roberts' letter is available on the BLE website.


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers