Advisory Board November 2000 Activity

By action of the delegates at the Fifth Quinquennial Convention, summaries of BLE Advisory Board members' activities are published monthly:

International President Edward Dubroski-International Office: General supervision of BLE activities; Met American Train Dispatchers' Executive Committee; Met w/ Jolene Molitoris, FRA; Mtg. w/ Designated legal counsel; Mtg. at ID concerning remote control issue w/ VPsJ.A. Cassidy Jr. and R.K. Radek and General Chairmen V.C. Jackson, BRC, R.R. Pasquarella, IHB, and J.C. Ormes, EJ&E, and w/ BLE staff; Mtg. w/ Leroy D. Jones, VP & NLR, U.S.; Advisory Board mtg.; Publications Committee; Mtg. in Montreal w/ J.L. McCoy, First VP, G. Hallé, Canadian Director & VP; Division 239, Knoxville, Tenn.; Speech at AFL-CIO health & welfare rally, Cleveland.

First Vice-President & Alternate President James L. McCoy- UP hospital assoc. mtg.; FVP duties, contacted GCs, SLBCs, telephone calls, correspondence, etc.; FELA designated attorneys mtg.; SACP mtgs., Advisory Board mtg.; Omaha; Safety Issues, Houston, San Antonio; Travel to Montreal, contract engotiations.

General Secretary-Treasurer Russ Bennett-International Office: Supervision of BLE Financial depts.; Records Dept.; BLE Job Bank; Publications Cmte.; DLC meeting; Advisory Board mtg.

Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow-Mtg. w/ Grand Trunk management to correct engineer seniority rosters; Mtg. w/ GC Karakian and negotiating committee to discuss pressing issues on the GTW; Visited w/ Divisions 607, 257, 447, 4, 385, 537, 106 and 239; Assisted w/ CSX single agreement negot.; Hearings as Board member, SBA 1063 and PLB, NS; Advisory Board mtg.; Mtgs. in Memphis, Tenn., at request of CSX-Western GCA and Local Chairmen having jurisdiction; Reviewed various SBA and PLB decisions and finalized awards on CSX and NS; Preliminary work on Arbitration Board for NS-Eastern; Indepth review of files for upcoming Wage/Rules negotiations; Assisted GTW, NS and CSX general committees w/ various issues; General office duties.

Vice-President Joseph A. Cassidy Jr.- Mtg. w/ Amtrak General Chariman Kenny; General office duties, paperwork; Springfield Terminal Rwy. business; Equity dispute, Amtrak & S/T; Mtg. w/ General Chairman Ormes; Special mtg., re: remote controlled locomotives; Elgin Joliet & Eastern; Advisory Board mtg.; Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Rwy.; Representing engineer at disciplinary hearing; Mtg. w/ General Chairman Delano; Mtg. w/ Division 163 members; DM&IR contract negotiations.

Vice-President & U.S. Nat'l Legislative Representative Leroy D. Jones-Washington office; High Speed Rail Assoc. gov't. relations mtg.; Ride Acela test train from Washington to Providence; Election Night 2000 functions; Mtg. w/ Mounir Dadr Sheta, President, General Trade Union of Land Transport, Cairo, Egypt, and Salah Suliman, Interpreter and Member of Int'l. Relations; Labor event; AFL-CIO political directors conf. call; AFL-CIO legislative mtg.; Acela reception; Meet 'n Greet Cong. Elect Carson (D-OK) and Ross (D-AR); AFL-CIO conf. call, affiliates monitoring state legislation committee; Advisory Board mtg.

Vice-President William C. Walpert-ID Office; BLE Education & Training Dept.; Internal Organizing, Mobilizing & Strategic Planning Dept.; BLE Safety Task Force; SEPTA organizing, Philadelphia; New York Dock negotiations on terminal consolidation, KCS, Kansas City, Mo.; KCS organizing and mobilization; Engineer training planning; Shortline organizing; KCS mobilization mtg., Shreveport, LA; Advisory Board mtg.; On-property negotiations, KCS, Kansas City, Mo.

Vice-President Edward W. Rodzwicz- General office duties; Canadian National Railway, Eastern Lines, Halifax, N.S.; Norfolk Southern eastern region, Imperial; Mtg. w/ VP Walpert and Septa General Comm., Philadelphia; Mtgs. w/ VGC W.A. Thompson; SBA 894 Award 1666; Mtg. w/ General Chairman Bruno, general committee officers and Special Rep Imler, Phila.; SEPTA town hall mtg., Phila.; SEPTA mobilization network, Phila.; Advisory Board mtg., Cleveland; NMB representation election, SEPTA, Phila.

Vice-President Don M. Hahs- BNSF system including MRL, UP South & West, SP East & South, SSW, DLGW, Tacoma Belt, Pac Harbor Belt; General office duties; BNSF seniority arbitration, Kansas City & other consolidated points; Portland Zone 2 & 3 negotiations, Spokane, Wash.; Ft. Madison Div. of Work negotiation, UP South Spring, TX, Local Chairman, Kansas City, Mo.; UP Houston safety mtg.; UP San Antonio safety mtg.; Div. 197 & 307 joint mtg.; BNSF former SLSF PLB 5444 neutral Davis Vaughn; Advisory Board mtg.;Trinidad, Colo. yard arbitration, neutral Robert O'Brine.

Vice-President Richard K. Radek- International Office; BLE Decertification Helpline services; Director of Arbitration Dept; National Railroad Adjustment Board (NRAB); METRA general assistance, re: Engineer decertifications, crewing issues, Chicago; IHB negotiation assitance; BRC General Assistance, operations/remote demonstration, Chicago; METRA, Div. 815 mtg.; Various NRAB arbitration, Sacramento; Remote Control mtg., BRC/IHB/EJE, Cleveland; WC negotiations, Rosemont, Ill.; Advisory Board mtg.; NRAB/negotiations, WC/Various; FRA Part 240.409 proceedings this month: EQAL 98-29, 97-05, 98-84, 99-37, 98-115, 98-125, 98-122, 98-29.

Vice-President Dale McPherson - I&M Rail Link; CP Rail/SOO, UP East Lines; Indiana Railroad Co.; M&NA;. LP&N, Longview Sw. Co. TRRA-St. Louis; Pacific Harbor Line; General office duties; IRR contract mtgs., GC C.L. Roy; Advisory Board mtg.; Vacation.

Vice-President & Canadian Director Gilles Hallé-Ottawa Office; Mtg. w/ E.G. Abbott, re: CRLA; International Railway Safety Conf.; Mtg. w/ CN Rail; Mtg. w/ CIRB, re: VIA Rail; CN Pension Board mtg.; CN-EFAP Senior Advisory Cmte. mtg.; Advisory Board mtg.; CN negotiations and N.A.R.; CN national negotiations.

Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada T. George Hucker-Ottawa Office; Canadian National Legislative Board; Local disability case management cmte. mtg.; CPR CTA review; BLE/LTD trustee mtg.; CPR expressway mtg.; Weekend conference, Montreal; CPR/BLE Montreal commuter rail negotiations; CN disability case management mtg.; Work/Rest task force mtg., Washington DC; NARAP mtg.; FTA-APRA mtg.


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