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BLE secures new locomotive engineer certification regulations
New regulations mean back to work for many
UTU delay tactics harmful to locomotive engineers

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H.R. 3091 gaining momentum in the House
BLE continues to fight BNSF Availability Policy
Emergency legislative issue arises for West Virginia coal

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BLE editorial cartoon
BLE Editorial: UTU seeks to do away with accuracy in reporting
UTU's "dovetail" plan for North America
UTU guilty of raiding, again

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Locomotive Engineer rate sheets

Page 5
Locomotive Engineer rate sheets
Page 6
Locomotive Engineer rate sheets

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NS "START" discipline policy effective January 1, 2000
Rail Labor solidarity helps Teamsters' nationwide strike
Steady support continues for BLE Defense Fund
GIA scholarships available

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Dubroski new vice-chairman of TTD Rail Labor Division, AFL-CIO
Rail carriers post mixed income results for third quarter
November 1999 calendar and events
Advisory Board October Activity

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