Volume 11, Number 11 -- November 1997

Page 1
BLE Scores two organizing victories in three days
Certification Pay effective March 12, 1997
Monin speech highlights TWU annual convention

Page 2, Capitol Briefs
BLE's new home in Washington, D.C.
BLEr James Chappelle elected to public office in New Jersey
Wisconsin Senate OKs two-person train bill

Page 3
Monin attends FRA Administrator's Roundtable
Board of Appeals Adjourns
Guaranteed time off for engineers established by UP, FRA

Page 4, Canadian Spotlight
Hallé meets with Canadian Rail Traffic Controllers
ITC members map strategy in Cleveland
Advisory Board October Activity Report

Page 5
Monin explains "brown banana theory" (continued from Page 1)

Page 6, BLE Senior Report
Tier I & II tax rates announced for 1998
Benefits increase in 1998
Exempt earnings amount rises for annuitants

Page 7
Agreed-to interpretations of Certification Pay award (continued from Page 1)

Page 8
Conrail deadline extended 45 days by STB
BLE Calendar -- Secretary-Treasurer training classes announced


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