Division 463 member James F. Allen retires 33 years accident-free

Brother James F. Allen of BLET Division 463 (Corbin, Ky.) brought his 33-year, injury-free railroad career to an end when he completed his last run on May 5, 2006.

Brother Allen began his railroad career on April 11, 1973 as a trainman for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad in Loyall, Ky. He earned promotion to locomotive engineer by the L&N on October 24, 1974, and joined the BLET on December 1, 1974.

Allen and his wife, Dorothy, were married on September 2, 1967. The couple has three daughters, Cynthia Yearly, Melinda Hatmaker and Angela Tolliver, and six grandchildren.

Allen comes from a railroad family. His late uncle, Ray Allen, was a trainmaster, while his cousin, Ray Allen Jr., is a dispatcher. His brother-in-law, Glen Boggs, is a CSX locomotive engineer and a member of Division 463.

Throughout his railroad career, Allen served for two years as Secretary-Treasurer of Division 463 in Corbin, Ky., and also served as an Operation Red Block captain. Prior to his first railroad job, he served in the United States Marine Corps in Camp Lejune, N.C., from June 1963 to June 1967. His specialty was in artillery, and was known for his expertise with the Howitzer.

During his retirement, Brother Allen plans to travel. He also serves as a referee for football and basketball games and an umpire for fast pitch softball. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle.

Congratulations may be sent to Brother Allen at: P.O. Box 511, Loyall, KY 40854.



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