SLBC Ken Kertesz reelected by acclamation in Pennsylvania

Ken Kertesz has been reelected by acclamation to his second term as Chairman of the Pennsylvania State Legislative Board at the Board's Quadrennial Meeting on October 20.

A CP Railway engineer, Kertesz is a member of BLET Division 263 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Other board members include: 1st Vice Chairman Gene Imler, who was elected to his first term; 2nd Vice Chairman Jim O'Neill, who was elected to his second term; and Secretary-Treasurer David Caniff, who was reelected by acclamation to his third term.

Imler is a Norfolk Southern engineer who belongs to Division 74 in Harrisburg-Enola, Pa. O'Neill is an Amtrak engineer serving his second term on the board. He belongs to Division 483 in Philadelphia. Caniff is a CSX engineer who will begin his third term on the board. He belongs to Division 370 in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The meeting was conducted in Harrisburg, Pa. It was held the day after the Board conducted its first training session on spent nuclear fuel shipments as well as a training workshop for Division Legislative Representatives.

The Pennsylvania State Legislative Board represents 1,500 locomotive engineers and trainmen from eight unionized railroads in 21 local Divisions.

Visiting Brothers included: Vice President and National Legislative Representative John Tolman; Ohio State Legislative Board Chairman Tim Hanely; Ohio State Legislative Board 1st Vice Chairman Tim Price; and Michigan State Legislative Board Chairman Greg Powell. Additional visitors were IBT Joint Council President Frank Gillen and Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Rick Bloomingdale.



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