SLBC Bill Verdeyen reelected by acclamation in Indiana

Bill Verdeyen was re-elected by acclamation to his fourth term as Chairman of the Indiana State Legislative Board at Quadrennial meetings held in Indianapolis, Ind., on October 12-13, 2006.

Brother Verdeyen is a member of Division 754 (Terre Haute, Ind.). He joined the BLET on June 1, 1974.

Al Combs, a member of BLET Division 106 (Muncie, Ind.), was re-elected to his second term as the First Vice Chairman; Ray Ford, a member of Division 742 (Evansville, Ind.), was elected to his first term as Second Vice Chairman; and Kendall Smith, a member of Division 153 (Garrett, Ind.), was elected to his first term as Alternate Secretary-Treasurer.

Carl Fields of Division 682 (Hammond, Ind.) was elected by acclamation to the Secretary Treasurer position. Brother Fields will be filling the shoes of the retiring Secretary-Treasurer Larry Ice. Brother Ice held the position of the INSLB Secretary-Treasurer for 12 of the 28 years that he was a member of the Indiana Legislative Board.

BLET National Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert and BLET Vice President and National Legislative Representative John Tolman attended the Board meeting. National Secretary-Treasurer Walpert updated the attendees on the current financial health of the BLET and Brother Tolman gave presentations on the national elections, a legislative update and the Change to Win coalition.

Bob Braitman from the Railroad Retirement Board gave a presentation and discussed the current Railroad Retirement Law. He explained retirement scenarios related to disability, age, length of service and how railroad retirement benefits can support our families.

The INSLB presented service awards to two retiring members. Brother Larry Ice, the retiring Secretary-Treasurer, was honored for his 28 years of service to the Indiana State Legislative Board. Brother Dan Rasco, the retiring 2nd Vice Chairman, has been a member of the INSLB for 12 years.

"When it comes to supporting our BLET PAC, Brother Rasco is the best," Chairman Verdeyen said. "He is a leader in expressing to our Indiana membership the importance of donating to the BLET PAC. Both of these Brothers believed in the legislative process and made it a point to come over to the Indiana session every year they were legislative representatives. They will be missed."

The INSLB consists of 22 Divisions representing 1,200 locomotive engineers and trainmen in Indiana.



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