Moates elected new CSXT-Western Lines General Chairman

Don Moates was elected General Chairman of the CSX Transportation-Western Lines General Committee of Adjustment at meetings in Jacksonville, Fla., on August 1. He is a member of Division 782 (Etowah, Tenn.).

David A. Bowen of Division 332 (Montgomery, Ala.) was elected Senior Vice-General Chairman and Bill Hardbarger is the new Junior Vice-Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer. He is a member of Division 38 (Clifton Forge, Va.).

The Committee represents 30 divisions, including two shortlines (Indiana Railroad and the Alabama State Docks). In addition to electing new officers, the delegates addressed a number of important business issues. Attending from the National Division were Vice-Presidents Paul Sorrow and Dale McPherson.

A veteran locomotive engineer, General Chairman Moates served as Senior Vice-Chairman from 1978-1985 on the former Louisville & Nashville General Committee of Adjustment and as General Chairman from 1985 to 1994.

He noted that the General Committee office has relocated to Etowah, Tenn., from Jacksonville Beach, Fla., effective October 1.

Seated, from left; J.L. Freimuth, Local Chairman (LC) of Division 489; G.T. Robinson, LC of Division 211; T.J. Braden, LC of Division 271; P.D. Henry LC of Division 190, E.W. Rice, Southern Region Vice General Chairman; D.L. Moates, General Chairman; D.A. Bowen Sr., Vice General Chairman; W.L. Hardbarger Jr., Vice GC and S-T; Jane Schaffer, Secretary; W.R. Skidmore, 1st Jr. Vice GC; J.L. Sanders LC of Division 204; J.R. Lyons LC of Division 473; R.W. Haley, LC of Division 610; and R.A. Johnson, LC of Division 101.

Standing, from left: National Division Vice President Dale McPherson; W.P. Page, LC of Division 275; L. Hinkle, LC of Division 463; J.B. Smith, LC of Division 495; G.L. Abell, LC of Division 365; M.A. Wofford, LC of Division 78; S.E. Utley, LC of Division 742; T.E. Hudson, LC of Division 156; W.M. Pulley, LC of Division 41; P.W. Culpepper, LC of Division 547; W.E. Singleton, LC of Division 829; D.R. Neal LC of Division 30; J.V. Pedro, LC of Division 26; D.M. Wicks, LC of Division 154; M.A. Thornton, Eastern Region Vice GC; Carl Watson, LC Alabama Docks; and S.A. Salmons LC of Division 698. (Present but not pictured: National Division Vice President Paul T. Sorrow.)


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