Cole Davis elected new General Chairman of NS-Northern Lines GCofA

Brother Cole W. Davis, a member of BLET Division 86 in Moberly, Mo., was elected the new General Chairman of the Norfolk Southern-Northern Lines General Committee of Adjustment at meetings held in Cleveland, Ohio, from September 12-14.

Other officers elected during the meetings include: Robert Linsey, 1st Vice General Chairman (Division 659, Buffalo, N.Y.); Rodney Cutlip, 2nd Vice General Chairman (Division 385, Toledo, Ohio); David Fernald, 3rd Vice General Chairman (Division 2, Jackson, Mich.); and Carlos Lizarraga, 4th Vice General Chairman (Division 106, Muncie, Ind.).

Jerry Elmore, a member of Division 120 (Kansas City, Mo.) was elected Secretary-Treasurer and Dan Cook III of Division 1 (Detroit, Mich.) was elected Alternate Secretary-Treasurer. General Chairman Davis noted that long-time Secretary-Treasurer Steve Jackson has retired, and thanked him for his years of service to the Brotherhood.

BLET National Division President Don Hahs attended the meetings and gave a presentation on numerous topics, including an update on current wage/rule negotiations and health and welfare. First Vice-President Ed Rodzwicz and National Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert also attended the meeting and gave presentations.

General Chairman Davis noted that Special Representatives Gene Imler and Tom Miller attended, as did John Tolman, BLET Chief of Staff and Political/Legislative Director.

Larry Sykes, retired NS General Chairman, and Frank Lacy, retired Local Chairman of Division 260 (Ashtabula, Ohio), attended the meeting. Dick Myers of the Brotherhood's Relief & Compensation Fund and Richard Edmonds of the Locomotive Engineers & Conductors Mutual Protective Association also attended the meetings, as did representatives of BLET designated law firms.

Clockwise, from bottom left: Dan Cook III, Alt. S-T; Carlos Lizarraga, 4th VGC; Rodney Cutlip, 2nd VGC; David Fernald, 3rd VGC; Bob Linsey, 1st Vice Chairman; Cole Davis, General Chairman; and Jerry Elmore, S-T.


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