November 2005 Calendar & Events


DECEMBER 4-7, 2005... Secretary-Treasurer Compliance Workshop, Cleveland, Ohio

This is the final S-T workshop of 2005. It begins on Sunday, December 4 at 7 p.m. and concludes at noon on Wednesday, December 7. Workshop will include an online demonstration of the BLET National Division's new Internet-based dues reporting and collection system, that was implemented earlier this year. Register online at: . For other details and registration information, please contact Ken Kroeger of the BLET Educatioin & Training Department, (216) 861-0932 or .


JUNE 4-9, 2006... 79th Annual BLET-GIA Southeastern Meeting Association (SMA)

Hosted by SMA Chairman T.L. Reed and the members of BLET Division 205, the 79th annual SMA will be held at the Chattanooga Marriott at the Convention Center in Chattanooga, Tenn. More information to come when available.


JUNE 12-16, 2006... 68th Annual BLET-GIA Eastern Union Meeting Association (EUMA)

Hosted by EUMA Arrangements Chairman R.J. Chapter and the members of BLET Division 157, the 68th annual EUMA will be held at the Tropicana Casino & Resort on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, N.J. More details to come.


JUNE 19-22, 2006... BLET National Division Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada

The First Quadrennial Convention of the BLET National Division will be held at Bally's in Las Vegas. More details to come when available.


JULY 18-23, 2006... 66th Annual BLET-GIA International Western Convention (IWC)

Hosted by S.V. Halbrook and the members of BLET Division 94, the 66th annual IWC will be held at the Holiday Inn Rapid City­Rushmore Plaza in Rapid City, S.D. More details to come when available.


AUGUST 20-24, 2006... 71st Annual BLET-GIA Southwestern Convention Meeting (SWCM)

Hosted by A.L. Williams and the members of BLET Division 182, the 71st annual SWCM will be held at The Peabody Little Rock in Little Rock, Ark. More details to come.




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