69th annual Southwestern Convention Meeting, The Woodlands, Texas

Herb Yambra, President and Legislative Rep of Division 194 (Houston); and Larry Schneider, Legislative Rep of Division 192 (El Paso).

National Vice-President Lee Pruitt.

Steve Christian, Local Chairman and Legislative Rep of Division 524 (Van Buren, Ark.), with his better half.

From left: Ed Way, Chairman of the BLET's Illinois State Legislative Board; Diane Lind; and Skip Lind, a member of BLET Division 520 in Joliet, Ill.

From left: Jim Keele, Chairman of the Kansas State Legislative Board; and Jim Bradford, BLET Special Representative.

From left: Fred Weaver, Local Chairman of BLET Division 604 (Sherman, Texas); and Chad Gambel, Vice-Local Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of BLET Division 604.

From left: G.Y. Bailey, SWCM 2004 site chairman; Pat Johnson, SWCM Recording Secretary; and Tim Windsor, SWCM Treasurer.





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