Meany Center offers 2003 hazmat training

The George Meany Center-National Labor College will conduct four hazardous waste/chemical emergency response training programs next year on its campuses in Silver Spring, Md. In addition, the Meany Center will also offer four online hazmat awareness training programs in 2003.

The four classroom training programs are each eight hours per day for four consecutive days. The dates are:

The training, eligible for three academic credit hours at the Meany Center, addresses OSHA and DOT required procedures and different levels of response and worker protection in the event of a hazardous materials spill, emergency or release. Training also includes advanced classroom instruction and intensive hands-on drills. The highlight of the course is a simulated hazmat response in full safety gear.

Transportation, lodging and meals are provided for all training participants by a Federal grant. In addition, participants who are unable to receive regular pay through the railroad while attending the training are eligible for a stipend of $428.

Members are encouraged to register as soon as possible because space is limited to the first 25 participants for each class. In addition, the events of September 11, 2001, has created increased participation in the Meany Center's rail worker hazmat training programs.

Online registration is available on the Meany Center website at:

BLE members may also register through the Brotherhood's Washington D.C. Office by calling: (202) 347-7936.

Dates for the online hazmat awareness training programs are:

The goal of the online hazmat awareness training programs is to provide rail workers with an understanding of the roles, rights, and responsibilities of working with hazardous materials. The online course provides first responder training at the awareness and familiarization levels, which meets most worker training requirements of OSHA and DOT for hazardous materials in transportation - including emergency and post-emergency response.

Topics covered include: an introduction to hazmats and the role of the first responder, federal regulatory agencies; DOT's Hazardous Materials Regulations; recognition and identification of hazardous materials in transportation; how to use the 2000 Emergency Response Guidebook; chemical properties; how to use online resources; NIOSH Pocket Guide, New Jersey Hazardous Substances Fact Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets; and an introduction to toxicology.

To register for the online courses, go to:

To preview the online course, go to: . (Login, click preview, go to courses and search the course catalog for Hazmat course.)

For details, e-mail the Meany Center at:

Meany Center Instructor Connie Grogg (above) helps BLE members suit-up for hands-on hazmat training at a workshop earlier this year in Silver Spring, Md.


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