BLE schedules two LC workshops for 2003

The BLE's Education & Training Department is scheduling two Local Chairman Training Workshops next year at the George Meany Center in Silver Spring, Md.

Class size is limited to the first 25 who register. Candidates who successfully complete the five-day class are eligible to receive an $85 per day stipend from the BLE and the North American Railway Foundation (NARF).

The first is scheduled for February 2-7, 2003, and the second is May 11-16, both on the campus of the Meany Center.

These classes are not just for new Local Chairmen, and the BLE encourages all Local Chairmen to attend at least one of these workshops. If you are not a local chairman and wish to attend the class, then you must have the permission of your local chairman to attend.

Among other assignments, the workshops will include presentations on BLE organizational structure and functions, representing members at disciplinary and decertification hearings, union leadership skills, claim and grievance handling, and writing and editing skills. Participants also will learn how to effectively use the BLE arbitration database. A highlight of the workshops is when attendees participate in a simulated disciplinary hearing.

Participants are responsible for their transportation costs, room and board. The $425 per week stipend covers the cost of room and board if participants agree to have a roommate. Single rooms are available for an additional cost. The BLE pays the cost of tuition, instructors, books, and other materials.

Registration is on a first come, first served basis with class size limited to the first 25 who register. For more information or to register, please contact Brother Ken Kroeger of the BLE Education & Training Dept. at (216) 272-0986 or

These Brothers successfully completed the BLE's Local Chairman training workshop, October 13-18, on the campus of the George Meany Center in Silver Spring, Md. They are the first class to receive a weekly stipend from the North American Railway Foundation (NARF) for their efforts. Front row, from left: Tim Hanley, Div. 36; Danny Tratt, Div. 484; Don Byrum, Div. 682; Jim Louis, Div. 421; Jack Briles, Div. 165; Skip Lind, Div. 520; and Tommy Curan, Div. 659.

Second row: Rick Skidmore, Div. 782; Mike Schaffer, Div. 348; Charles Otten, Div. 46; Mark Counsman, Div. 459; Wes Taylor, Div. 118; and Rusty Jones, Div. 239.

Third row: Wally Latusca, Div. 290; Ron Smale, Div. 851; Doug Edwards, Div. 124; Bill Hardbarger, Div. 38; David Bowen, Div. 332; Mark Wallace, Div. 267; and Brian Simon, Div. 226.

Back row: Marcus Ruef, Labor Member, National Railroad Adjustment Board, BLE Assistant Director of Arbitration, International Division; Ken Kroeger, Special Representative; Bucko Schulze, Div. 736; Vince Verna, Div. 28; Bill Walpert, General Secretary-Treasurer; and Robert Scholl, Div. 894.



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