NASLBC concludes Minneapolis meeting

Members of the BLE's National Association of State Legislative Board Chairmen (NASLBC) concluded their annual meeting on August 7 in Minneapolis, Minn. The BLE's legislative leaders discussed a variety of issues, including the November elections and the proposed Teamster merger. As part of the three-day meeting, the NASLBC participated in a rally to draw public attention to the potential dangers created by non-certified locomotive engineers operating trains by remote control technology.

Pictured here are the State Legislative Board Chairmen and Grand International Auxiliary officers who participated in the meeting (all are state legislative board chairmen unless otherwise noted). Front row, from left: George Hucker, Vice-President & National Legislative Rep.-Canada; NASLBC Secretary-Treasurer Perry Renfro, Oklahoma; NASLBC President J.T. Norris, Va.; Raymond Holmes, Vice-President & U.S. National Legislative Rep.; Ed Rodzwicz, First Vice-President & Alternate President; Don Hahs, BLE International President; Bill Walpert, General Secretary-Treasurer; George Newman, Mass; and Mike Muscha, N. D.

Second row: Betty Child, D.C. Office Staff; Mabel Grotzinger, GIA Vice-President; Bob Harvey, Regulatory Research Coordinator; Jim Keele, Kan.; Ed Way, Ill.; Tim Smith, Calif.; Greg Powell, Mich.; and Tom Perkovich, Minn.

Third row: Becky Schneider, GIA First Vice-President & Legislative Rep.; George Last, Colo.; Tommy Mayne, Ky.; Mike O'Brien, La.; Terry Jones, Wyo.; and Steve Brumbaugh, Idaho.

Fourth row: Dave Lavery, Fla.; Bill Verdeyen, Ind.; Chuck Hintz, Iowa; Keith Leubke, Wisc.; Robert Svob, Ariz.; and Brian Gallagher, N.Y.

Fifth row: Tommy Hudson, Ala.; Ken Kertesz, Pa.; Mark Ricci, Wa.; Terry Todd, Ark.; Jimmy Brittain, Tenn.; Darrell Blake, W.Va.; and Jim Ong, Ohio.

Sixth row: Terry Briggs, Texas; Doug Horstman, Ore.; and Walt Webster, Utah.



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