What's Inside
Volume 16 - Number 11
November 2002

Retiring VP Cassidy reflects on past, future

Profile of Paul Wingo, new BLE Vice President

Brother J.J. Vara retires from Tex- Mex Railway

Two LC workshops scheduled for 2003

Meany Center offers 2003 hazmat training

FBI warns terrorists may target trains; Hahs calls for anti-terror meeting

Train crew shortages plague UP in St. Louis


Rail carrier 3rd quarter 2003 income reports

Editorial: Long hours, little sleep and heart attacks

NASLBC concludes Minneapolis meeting

Sweeney meets BLE State Legislative Board Chairmen

Australians visit BLE's D.C. office

Ed Way re-elected Chairman in Illinois

Early retirement? Better have 30-years of service

Advisory Board October 2002 Activity

Calendar & Events


Engineers, not RCOs, belong in cabs

BLE and the Class I rail carriers involved in the dispute over the assignment of remote control technology agreed that until the dispute is resolved in arbitration, remote control operators (RCOs) will be instructed not to operate locomotives while they are inside locomotive cabs.

This issue came to a head after BLE received numerous reports from BLE members that RCOs on the Class I carriers were controlling locomotive movements from inside the cabs of locomotives, often from the seat formerly occupied by the locomotive engineer.

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BLE encouraged after IBT subcommittee meetings

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers concluded an encouraging first round of merger meetings on November 8 with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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VP Cassidy retires; Wingo elevated to Advisory Board

From a final list furnished by the National Mediation Board, the remote control arbitration board neutral member and "deadlock" neutral member were selected on September 20 by the parties involved in the dispute.

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Indiana Southern workers pick BLE

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers won the right to represent train and engine service employees on the Indiana Southern Railroad.

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