Uncle Sam seeks experienced locomotive engineers

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers is working with the U.S. Army Reserves in an effort to recruit experienced railroad employees for two railroad battalions as a result of the recent terrorist attacks on the United States.

According to Major Martin Piech, the Army is looking for railroad employees — especially those with prior military experience — in the areas of train operations, maintenance of way and railroad equipment repair.

The two units are: 757th Transportation Battalion (Railway) with units located in the Chicago and Milwaukee metro areas, and the 1205th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion with units located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and North Carolina.

Anyone who is interested in finding out how they can put their railroad skills to good use by serving their nation in this time of need can contact the Army Reserves in the following ways:

For general information:
Major Martin Piech
e-mail: martin.piech@us.army.mil

757th contact information:
phone: SSG Steve Willis at (877) 399-6595
website: http://www.usarc.army.mil/88thrsc/units/online/336_tc/757_tc/

1205th contact information:
e-mail: martin.piech@us.army.mil
website: www.1205thtrob.com


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers