What's Inside
Volume 15 - Number 11
November 2001

Homeland Security

BLE regional meetings set for 2002

News Briefs: UP trains to haul Olympic torch

Uncle Sam seeks experienced locomotive engineers

Rail News

Steam engineers needed for documentary

Advisory Board October Activity

Calendar & Events


Ballot deadline: Dec. 10

Members will face one of the biggest decisions in the 138-year history of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers this month when they receive ballots to vote on a proposed merger with the United Transportation Union.

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Anthrax scare slows S. 697 action

Following a temporary suspension of lobbying efforts as a result of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Rail Labor resumed the fight for passage of S. 697 in early October.

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BLE gets Meridian Southern organizing win

Employees of the Meridian Southern Railway unanimously selected the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers as their collective bargaining representative on October 15.

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