Four BLE members elected on November 7

Four BLE members were elected to political office on November 7, but a potential fifth lost in a race similar to the Al Gore versus George W. Bush nail-biter in Florida.

The four victorious BLE members are:

In a bitterly disappointing loss, Joe Barrett of BLE Division 115 (Cheyenne, Wyo.) ran as the Democratic challenger for a seat in District Eight of the Wyoming State Legislature.

On election night, Brother Barrett was declared the winner and interviewed by several Wyoming newspapers, radio and television stations. Then, just as in the Presidential election, came the stunning news.

In the final tally, which included absentee ballots that were previously overlooked, the incumbent won by 94 votes.

"Everyone on the campaign was really upset," said Barrett, who did not request a recount but indicated that he may run again in two years.

Of the four victorious BLE members, Kunz was reelected to the Idaho House of Representatives by an unofficial count of 10,048 to 2,833; Boggs regained his seat in West Virginia's House of Delegates by a large margin, 5,615 to 1,250; Johnson was elected to the County Board of Supervisors for Carroll County, Ill.; and Chappelle will serve his second term as a City Councilman for the Borough of South Belmar, N.J. Chappelle was reelected by a 463-230 majority.

BLE Division 504 member Bill Wilson (Great Falls, Mont.), who had served in the Montana State Senate for years, was excluded from running again by Montana's term limits rule.


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