United Healthcare to hold open enrollment in December

During December of 2000, United Healthcare will hold an open enrollment under GA-23111. During this open enrollment, any individual eligible for coverage under one of the GA-23111 plans can enroll and will be accepted for coverage without any medical underwriting or proof of insurability. There are no limitations on preexisting conditions.

If you enroll in December of 2000, you will be covered effective Jan. 1, 2001. Only those applicants who mail their Enrollment Form in December of 2000 will be considered for open enrollment. This open enrollment is being held for:

If someone you know meets the new GA-23111 eligibility provisions, open enrollment provides an opportunity to become covered. You may also enroll your spouse or eligible children if they are not currently covered. In addition, open enrollment under Plans D or F is available for your parent or parent-in-law. Anyone interested in enrolling should call the following phone number or obtain an Enrollment Form or get additional information:

The next open enrollment will be December of 2002.


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