BLE scores victory in interchange switching case at First Division

In an award dated October 27, the First Division of the National Railroad Adjustment Board sustained the BLE's position against the Belt Railway of Chicago on behalf of five claimants, awarding one day's pay at the yard rate to each for performing yard service while working in interchange service.

The specific work found by Referee Robert Richter to be in violation of the May 13, 1971, BLE National Agreement included the following:

BLE Vice President R.K. Radek, who recently completed another term as Chairman of the First Division, hailed Award No. 25164 as an important victory in preserving the distinction between interchange and yard service, and protecting yard jobs.

Assisting the preparation and presentation of the winning case were Belt Railway General Chairman V.C. Jackson and BLE Assistant Director of Arbitration and First Division Member M.J. Ruef.


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