Volume 11, Number 10 -- October 1997

Page 1
AFL-CIO Convention Wrap-up -- a special issue
President Monin leads dedication ceremony

Page 2
Historical marker commemorates Railroad Strike of 1877

Page 3
BLE Education & Training Dept. unveils new display during convention
AFL-CIO delegates make resolute changes -- Pledge to help rail labor in case of strike

Page 4
Photo re-cap of AFL-CIO convention

Page 5
Photo re-cap of AFL-CIO convention

Page 6
BLE Special Reps 'organizing for change' -- recognized by AFL-CIO for Wisconsin Central organizing victory

Page 7
'You have a voice -- make it heard' -- BLE and AFL-CIO share common goals for the future, writes BLE General Secretary-Treasurer Russell Bennett

Page 8
BLE Calendar -- BLE General Chairmen's Workshop scheduled in Cleveland
AFL-CIO Convention Snapshots
BLE Advisory Board September Activity


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