BA-6 update: Members must notify Railroad Retirement Board when claims cases are pending

In the June/July issue of the BLET News, we discussed the importance of members checking their Railroad Retirement Board form BA-6 form for accuracy - the form that lists your total earnings as reporter to the RRB. This is an addendum to that notice, advising our members of another requirement you may be faced with.

Members have only four years to make corrections to their BA-6. But members are often faced with outstanding time claims - sometimes for substantial amounts of money - that may not be paid for several years after the claims were filed.

In order to make sure settled claims are credited for the year that they were filed, it would be prudent to notify the Railroad Retirement Board in writing of corrections or adjustments that may be necessary in each year for which claims are settled. This is especially important for those members who retire soon after filing claims.

Without such adjustment, claims settled after their retirement may never be input into Railroad Retirement records as creditable compensation which would adversely affect an annuity.

Each June, the RRB issues a Form BA-6 to your home mailing address. If any of the earnings are not properly reported to the RRB, then your annuity will be affected or you will not receive the proper amount. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check this form each year - do not wait until you retire to discover a mistake! The RRB has a four-year window in which corrections can be made.

By law organizations must retain records for only seven years then the old records can be destroyed. Please report any discrepancies to the National Division's Tax Compliance Depatment, who will follow through with the Railroad Retirement Board.



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