Election Supervisor's report to BLET members

The Rank-and-File Vote for IBT International Officers - Starting in October 2006, each and every IBT member, including members of the newly merged BLET, will receive a mail ballot to cast votes for IBT International officers. Voting for International officers is every member's democratic right and responsibility: it is your union. Every member has the opportunity to campaign in support of, or opposition to, any candidate in the election. Every member has the right to receive campaign presentations and information.

A ballot will be mailed to you on October 6, 2006. In order to be counted, your voted ballot must be received by November 14, 2006. If you believe you are eligible to vote and do not receive a ballot by October 19, contact 1- 888-428-2006 to request a ballot.

Every member has the right to vote their own ballot in secret. It is a serious violation of the Rules for someone to solicit, mark, or mail another member's ballot. For example, protest rulings issued in two different delegate elections found that ballots had been collected in violation of the Rules. Go to www.ibtvote.org to read 2006 ESD.

The ballot count site is in Alexandria, Virginia. All candidates and their designated observers are permitted to observe all phases of the ballot counting process. Additional information about balloting and the count is available at www.ibtvote.org.

Candidate Forum - The 2006 IBT International Officer Candidate Forum took place on August 25, 2006 in Washington, D.C. The participants in the Candidate Forum were General President Candidate Tom Leedham and General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate C. Thomas Keegel. General President Candidate James P. Hoffa exercised his right to designate the General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate on his slate as his representative to appear at the forum. A panel of journalists posed questions to the candidates. You can watch the Candidate Forum at any time from any computer with an internet connection (cable modem, DSL, or dial-up with at least a 56K modem). The full video recording can be viewed at www.ibtvote.org OR at www.teamsters.org. At less than 56K, you can still listen to the forum over the internet, but you will not see the video. Anyone may link to or promote www.ibtvote.org as a source for the Candidate Forum. You can read or download a transcript of the Candidate Forum at any time from any computer with an internet connection. The complete transcript is available at www.ibtvote.org OR at www.teamsters.org.

Each General Committee has three copies of a DVD recording of the Candidate Forum, which it must make available upon request to any member, or group of members, for viewing or copying. At least one copy of the Candidate Forum DVD must be maintained at the General Committee through November 14, 2006.

Any IBT member can get a DVD recording and/or a transcript of the Candidate Forum, free of charge, by calling the Election Supervisor's Office at 888-IBT-2006 (888-428-2006) or, in the Washington, D.C. area, 202-429-8683; or by sending an email with the member's name, local union number, and mailing address to ElectionSupervisor@ibtvote.org. Additional information about the election of IBT International officers is available at www.ibt.vote.org



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