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BLET National President Don Hahs gives his state of the union address during the SMA's opening ceremony. President Hahs provided BLET members with an update on collective bargaining, regulatory, and legislative issues during his presentation.

The area around Chattanooga, Tenn., boasts many natural wonders and breath taking views of the Appalachian Mountains. BLET members enjoyed sight seeing tours of Ruby Falls and Rock City during the annual SMA.

BLET Vice President Paul Sorrow, a member of BLET Division 498 (Abbeville, S.C.), enjoys a warm welcome from members at the SMA.

From left: K.A. Chancey of BLET Division 547 (Etowah, Tenn.), and Kevin Peek, Local Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer of BLET Division 456 (Norfolk, Va.).

SMA Chairman Travis L. Reed, center, with members of his Arrangements Committee. Representatives from Division 198 and Division 205 pitched in to help Chairman Reed with the convention.

From left: BLET General Chairman Dennis Pierce (BNSF-MRL) and General Chairman M.D. Priester (CP Rail/U.S.).

Mark your calendars for the 80th Annual SMA

June 10-15, 2007, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Fla.

Hosted by Michael Tanner and Earl Karper Sr.




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