President Hahs: Get out and vote!

BLET National President Don M. Hahs issued the following statement regarding the importance of registering to vote and voting on November 7:

BLET members are fortunate to have a strong union that supports them by standing up for their rights at work. The BLET works very hard to negotiate and enforce strong contracts to ensure that members receive good pay and benefits.

However, each day, BLET members are confronted with news that our American dream is slipping further from our grasp. In other industries, we see massive layoffs. In our own industry, we hear threats from the rail carriers to take away our jobs and benefits, even in a time of record profits.

In other words, the corporate agenda cuts across all industries. Big business want tax cuts for themselves and for the rich; they want to privatize, downsize and outsource; they want to deregulate industries; they want to enact free trade agreements; they want to weaken unions; and most importantly, they want to take away workers' rights to organize and to silence our voice in the political process.

But there is a way to keep the American dream alive - by casting your vote for worker-friendly candidates on November 7. It is as simple as that.

All BLET members must take a few moments out of their busy days to cast a ballot that will help to ensure their future. Most states will allow voters to cast an absentee ballot if they cannot vote on Election Day. Check with your state for the regulations regarding absentee voting.

You may not be feeling the loss of the American dream yet, but you still need to vote. Why? You need to vote in order to protect your family; to protect your job; to protect your retirement; and to protect your future.

The railroads will try to take this all away if current trends continue. They are already threatening your benefits and your jobs in negotiations and will be further empowered to do so if the corporate titans who rule our country are allowed to stay in office.

There is no government "of the people, by the people and for the people" if people do not vote.

Here is a list of BLET-endorsed candidates. These candidates, both Democrat and Republican, have shown that they support workers and have been friendly towards us. Please take this list with you when you vote on November 7 and remember to vote pro labor and support union candidates. (Due to Federal Election Commission regulations, the endorsements are listed in the Members Area of the BLET website.)



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