2005 Brotherhood directories available online

New BLET Directories for 2005 are now available in the password protected area of the BLET website.

"In an effort to economize on postage and printing costs, we have made the directory available online," said BLET National Secretary-Treasurer Bill Walpert. "However, we will make hard copies available to those who request it."

To facilitate the hard copy process, the National Division is mailing post cards to the BLET officers who normally received the directories by mail. Those desiring a hard copy must fill out the post card and mail it back to the National Division.

"The printing and mailing process will take several weeks," Brother Walpert said. "The online directory is available right now as a PDF."

The online Directory is accessible under the STReport area of the website. The following officers have access to this section: General Chairmen, General Committee Secretary-Treasurers, State Legislative Board Chairmen, State Legislative Board Secretary-Treasurers, Division Presidents, Division Local Chairmen, Division Secretary-Treasurers and Division Legislative Representatives.

The directories are available on the BLET website at: http://www.ble-t.org/directory .



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