70th annual Southwestern Convention Meeting, Oklahoma City

From left: Perry Renfro, Chairman of the Oklahoma State Legislative Board; Dan Boren, U.S. Congressman 2nd District of Oklahoma; and Raymond Holmes, BLET Vice-President & National Legislative Representative.

From left: Randy Dumey, Local Chairman of Division 595 (Chaffee, Mo.); Mike Priester, CP Rail System/U.S. General Chairman; and Rick Gibbons, Burlington Northern Santa Fe General Chairman (former StL-SF). Brother Dumey is also First Vice-Chairman of the BNSF (former StL-SF) General Committee of Adjustment.

GIA President Onita Wayland with Kathie Bailey, widow of the late G.Y. Bailey, during a tearful ceremony.

From left: Catarino A. "Cat" Garcia, Legislative Representative of Division 566 (Del Rio, Texas); Juan Garza, Local Chairman and Legislative Representative of BLET Division 244 (Laredo, Texas); and Terry Briggs, Chairman of the Texas State Legislative Board.

From left:L.J. Rinchuso Jr., Legislative Representative of BLET Division 210; and Mike Davis, Secretary-Treasurer of the Union Pacific-Southern Region General Committee of Adjustment.

BLET National President Don Hahs at the podium flanked by (from left) GIA President Onita Wayland and GIA International Secretary Anita Caruso. In the foreground is the memorial display featured at each SWCM honoring members who have been lost since the last convention.

Jennifer and Bud Pickett. Brother Pickett is chairman of the upcoming 2007 SWCM.

Cooksey Humphrey, retired member of BLET Division 326 (Bossier City, La.); and GIA President Onita Wayland.



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