Kerry sends loud message on transportation security

The following statement was issued by Edward Wytkind, President of the AFL-CIO's Transportation Trades Department.

"In the September 30 debate, John Kerry told America that he will secure the nation's transportation system - our ports, airlines, trains and subway systems - that have been badly neglected by President Bush.

"John Kerry told the nation - and specifically America's travelers and transportation workers - that he has a plan to better protect airline passengers, to police cargo in our ports, to protect mass transit and rail passengers from terrorist threats and to give emergency responders the tools and resources they need. George W. Bush's silence on the topic proves he is consistent ­ he has been consistently silent for three years since September 11.

"The President refused to answer Kerry's criticisms and in fact evaded these issues entirely. This comes as no surprise to transportation workers, whose calls for aggressive action have fallen on deaf ears in a White House that has been busy orchestrating photo ops but unfortunately missing in action in closing the gaping security holes in our transportation system.

"It is not enough to tell Americans that you are resolute and strong. Front-line transportation workers know that when it comes to protecting the security of our transportation system, the President has been neither resolute nor strong and has been wrong in ignoring the safety of the traveling public. The President has not done the "hard work" to secure our transportation system against terrorist attacks.

"Last night was yet another reminder to all Americans that on November 2 they must choose between four more years of inaction that places travelers and workers at risk or a vigorous commitment to police our transportation system and stop the terrorists from using our members' workplace to spread their hatred in the United States.

"That is the message we will carry to millions of transportation workers in the next 32 days."

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