AFL-CIO State Federations act on remote control

Eight State Feds call for improved RCO safety; Nebraska, North Dakota pass resolutions

Eight AFL-CIO State Federations have now enacted remote control safety resolutions, the latest in North Dakota and Nebraska.

Prior to September, six other AFL-CIO State Federations had passed remote control safety resolutions, including Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina and Missouri.

In addition to these eight State Federations, 36 different communities (26 cities and 10 counties) have enacted remote control safety resolutions.

North Dakota

The North Dakota AFL-CIO adopted a remote control safety resolution on September 26 at its annual convention in Minot, N.D.

BLE members Mike Muscha, Chairman of the North Dakota State Legislative Board, and Rod Albrightson, a member of Division 695 (Minot) worked the floor during the convention.

Brother Ron Huff, 1st Vice Chairman of the BLE North Dakota State Legislative Board, represents the BLE on the Executive Council of the state AFL-CIO. He carried the resolution to the Executive Council.

Chairman Muscha acknowledged the efforts of Brother Huff and Brother Albrightson, and thanked the delegates and members of the Executive Council for adopting the resolution.

Part of the resolution says, "The North Dakota AFL-CIO admonishes the Federal Railroad Administration to develop comprehensive safety regulations for the use of remote control locomotives."

A copy of the North Dakota resolution is available at:


At its 35th state convention, the Nebraska State AFL-CIO passed a remote control safety resolution.

The resolution was passed on September 27 after a speech by BLE International Vice-President Dale McPherson, in which he spoke about the progress of national negotiations, the Railway Labor Act, and the BLE's possible merger with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The Nebraska State Legislative Board presented the resolution on behalf of all seven BLE Divisions in the state.

Nebraska State Legislative Board Chairman Randy Meek and the rest of the State Legislative Board thanked State AFL-CIO President Ken Mass and the delegates for their support in passing the resolution.

The Nebraska AFL-CIO joins state federations in Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Missouri and North Dakota, in passing a remote control safety resolution.

A copy of the resolution is available on the BLE website at:



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