TO: All BLE Members
FROM: R.A. Holmes
DATE: October 16, 2003


Brothers and Sisters:

I hear it almost every day: "What has the BLE done for me?"

In short order, here's a list of what the BLE has done for you - and a quiz:


1. Higher wages than your next door neighbor who doesn't belong to a union - unless your neighbor is a doctor or a lawyer. If you are living in that type of area, a good union job probably helped you get there.

Do you want these wages protected?


2. More and better health benefits. Look around you at the people who have no health benefits.

Do you want these health care benefits protected?


3. Generally better pension benefits. Ask your neighbors what their Social Security benefits are, then compare it to your Railroad Retirement benefits.

Do you want these pension benefits protected?


4. A process for job security through union agreement.

Do you want you job security protected?


5. Less inequality in the work place.

Do you want these rights protected?


6. Dignity and democracy at work.

Do you want your right to vote protected?


7. Better enforcement of legal workplace rights too numerous to list individually.

Do you want these rights protected?


8. And, unions give you a social and political voice. That political voice is part of what I do. Part of my duties is to represent the BLE before the various agencies and the U.S. Congress.

Do you want these rights protected?


If you are a reasonable and rational person and answer yes, then you can clearly see what the BLE has done for you. And, if you answer yes, then you must also understand your duty to protect these rights and benefits. Individually we can't do much, but collectively, we can do a lot. Please send a donation or sign up for a monthly contribution to the BLE PAC fund. Help me help you in the fight to protect your rights and benefits. It's easy and painless.



Raymond A. Holmes
Vice President and
U.S. National Legislative Representative



© 2003 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers