Advisory Board August 2003 Activity

By action of the delegates at the Fifth Quinquennial Convention, summaries of BLE Advisory Board members' activities are published monthly:

International President Don M. Hahs-International Office: General supervision of BLE activities; General office duties; Mtgs. w/ Mike Young (R-Alaska); Mtgs. w/ Congressmen Honda, Mica; Mtgs. w/ Jeff Moreland, BNSF Gov. Affairs Director; President of Alaska Railroad; Division 75 mtg.; IBT-Ohio conference; Mtg. w/ IBT General President Jim Hoffa.

First Vice-President & Alternate President Edward W. Rodzwicz- Assisted President in general operation of ID office; Various correspondence and telephone calls; Remote control rally, Chicago; AFL-CIO mtg., Chicago; SBA 894, Executive Session; BLE-IBT merger mtg., Div. 95 (Cincinnati); Vacation day; South Buffalo contract negotiations.

General Secretary-Treasurer William C. Walpert-General supervision of BLE financial, record depts.; ID office; BLE Education & Training Dept.; Internal Organizing, Mobilizing & Strategic Planning Dept.; Safety Task Force; Meetings with vendors and financial institutions; AFL-CIO Executive Council mtg., Chicago; Remote control rally, Chicago.

Vice-President Paul T. Sorrow-Attended Div. 86 mtg.; Assisted CSX SAA/Conrail GCofA in arbitration (SBA/PLB); Served as Board Member of SBA1063, NS-Northern Lines; GTW negotiations and mtgs. w/ CN; Assisted NS Northern Lines in prepareing for Wheeling & Lake Erie negotiations; Assisted NS, CSX and GTW commitees with various issues.

Vice-President Richard K. Radek- ID Office; BLE Decertification Helpline services; Director of Arbitration Dept; National Railroad Adjustment Board (NRAB); Illinois Central; Wisconsin Central; Indiana Harbor Belt; METRA; Belt Rwy. of Chicago; Paducah & Louisville; Chicago Central & Pacific; Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Rwy.; IHB screening docket, Chicago; Remote control rally, Chicago; Metra & IHB arbitration assistance; L/M mtgs., Metra; Div. 394 mtg., BRC; Mtg. w/ carrier, BRC (re: Remote control implementation); Wake and funeral service for Bob Delaney; Div. 184 mtg.; L/M quarterly mtg., CN/WC, Chicago; FRA Part 240.409 dockets this month: EQAL 01-18, 02-45, 00-51, 02-30, 01-16, 98-84.

Vice-President Dale McPherson - CP Rail; Port. Term. RR; Longivew Portland & Northern; Longview Switching Co.; Indiana RR; Missouri & Northern Arkansas RR; Utah Railroad; UP Eastern Dist.; UP former CNW; BLE National Bargaining Cmte.; BLE/IBT Constitution & Bylaws Cmte.; PLBs 5604, 5681, 5721, 6040, 6281, 6589; UP work/rest projects; RSAC positive train control cmte.; General office duties; Mtgs. w/ GC Delano, DMIR, Duluth, Minn.; Mtg. w/ Wabtec officials, Washington, D.C.; Preparation & hearings for PLB 6040, Denver.

Vice-President & U.S. Nat'l Legislative Representative Raymond A. Holmes - Washington D.C. office; General office duties; EUMA, Baltimore; AFL-CIO Admin. mtg.; TTD/Rail Div. Mtg.; Advisory Board meeting, Cleveland; International Association of Legislative Board Chairmen, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Mark-up for Rail Safety and STB Authorization bills; Cong. Young event (R-AK).

Vice-President Merle W. Geiger Jr.- Assigned to: Kansas City Southern; Gateway Western; Midsouth Rail; Southrail; Texas-Mexican Rwy.; Springfield Terminal; Delaware & Hudson; Indiana & Ohio RR; Indiana Southern RR; New York, Susquehanna & Western; St. Lawrence & Atlantic Rwy.; Mtg. w/ Div. 270 and GC Pinkston, ISRR, Washington, Ind.; Mtgs. w/ Div. 521 and GC Martin, NYS&W, Rochelle Park, N.J.; Mtg. w/ RRB, AAR and Rail Labor (re: Occupational disabilities), Washington, D.C.; Contract negotiations, KCS and Tex-Mex; Review and finalization of awards from latest PLB 6560 session, D&H; General office duties, research, correspondence.

Vice-President Stephen D. Speagle-BNSF/MRL assistance; Conference call w/ BNSF general chairmen, "on property;" Mtg. w/ GC Gibbons & conference call w/ BNSF GCs, Moberly, Mo.; Div. 86 mtg., Decatur; BNSF on property negotations, Decatur; Preparation & hearings on PLB 6041, Chicago; Conference call w/ BNSF & BLE GCofAs on vacations.

Vice-President E.L. "Lee" Pruitt - Assisted general chairmen & members of: UP-Western Lines; UP-Western Region; UP-Central Region; UP-Southern Region; UP-Tacoma Belt; General office duties, telephone paperwork, filing.

Vice-President Paul L. Wingo Jr. - Assigned to NS-Southern and Eastern Region GCofAs; Iowa, Chicago & Eastern GCofA; Meridian Southern; BLE Security Officer; Div. 239 special mtgs. & membership drive; Division mtgs. of Div. 448 and Div. 301 w/ GC Knight; Special mtg. of Div. 79; Meridian Southern contract negotiations, Cleveland; Tennessee State Legislative Board mtg., Nashville; General office work and TTD security information work.

Vice-President & Canadian Director Gilles Hallé-Ottawa Office; CN Pension Board mtgs., Montreal; CROA Office of Arbitration, Montreal; CN-East GCofA mtgs., Grand-Mere; Mtgs.-Sherbrooke/Montreal; Mtgs.-Cleveland.

Vice-President & National Legislative Representative-Canada T. George Hucker-Ottawa Office; National Legislative Board-Canada.


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