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Volume 16 - Number 9
September 2002

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BLE welcomes new Tex-Mex members, Part 2

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2002 BLE fees objector policy

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Baton Rouge bans remote controls

By a vote of 10-1, the City Council of Baton Rouge, La., passed a resolution to ban the use of remote control locomotives in the city due to public safety concerns. The September 25 vote came after the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers made City Council members aware of the fact that the Kansas City Southern was using remote control locomotives within city limits, and that a remote control unit derailed in August.

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BLE-IBT subcommittees begin talks

At an October 3 meeting of the BLE's Advisory Board and the IBT's General Executive Board, dates were announced for meetings of four joint subcommittees charged with the task of exploring a merger of the BLE and Teamsters.

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Neutrals picked for remote control arbitration

From a final list furnished by the National Mediation Board, the remote control arbitration board neutral member and "deadlock" neutral member were selected on September 20 by the parties involved in the dispute.

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Text of resolution adopted by Baton Rouge City Council

"NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Metropolitan Council of the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge, that no railroad shall operate remote controlled locomotives within the boundaries of Baton Rouge..."

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