Election Results: BLE Seventh Quinquennial Convention

International President
Don M. Hahs, Division 566
First Vice-President & Alternate President
Edward W. Rodzwicz, Division 325
General Secretary-Treasurer
William C. Walpert, Division 604
Vice-President, Slot 1
Paul T. Sorrow, Division 498
(reelected by acclamation)
Vice-President, Slot 2
Joseph A. Cassidy Jr., Division 269
Vice-President Slot 3 & U.S. Nat'l. Legislative Rep.
Raymond A. Holmes, Division 834
Vice-President Slot 4
Merle W. Geiger Jr., Division 758
Vice-President, Slot 5
Stephen D. Speagle, Division 155
Vice-President, Slot 6
E.L. "Lee" Pruitt, Division 126
Vice-President, Slot 7
Richard K. Radek, Division 404
Vice-President, Slot 8
Dale L. McPherson, Division 180
(reelected by acclamation)
Vice-President & Canadian Director
Gilles Hallé, Division 558
(reelected by acclamation)
Vice-President & Nat'l. Legislative Rep.-Canada
T. George Hucker, Division 243

Alternate General Secretary-Treasurer
C.D. Driggers, Division 435
Alternate Vice-President & U.S. Nat'l. Legislative Rep.
L.B. Boggs, Division 751
Alternate Vice-President No. 1
P.L. Wingo Jr., Division 198
Alternate Vice-President No. 2
D.M. Menefee, Division 934
Alternate Vice-President No. 3
C.L. Roy, Division 742
Alternate Vice-President No. 4
M.D. Priester, Division 754
Alternate Vice-President No. 5
J.C. Rupp, Division 74
Alternate Vice-President No. 6
R.K. Cutlip, Division 385
Alternate Vice-President No. 7
D.R. Pierce, Division 98
Alternate Vice-President No. 8
A.L. Tinney, Division 152
Alternate Vice-President No. 9
M.L. Wallace, Division 267
Alternate Vice-President-Canada, No. 1
R. Dyon, Division 89
Alternate Vice-President-Canada, No. 2
D.C. Curtis, Division 355
Alternate Vice-President-Canada, No. 3
M.A. Wheten, Division 728

Board of Appeals-Canada
R.G. Leggett, Division 898
Board of Appeals-U.S. East
R.H. Linsey, Division 659
Board of Appeals-U.S. Northwest
J.J. Zawada, Division 232
Board of Appeals-U.S. Southwest
A.J. Morris, Division 22
Board of Appeals-U.S. Southeast
A.E. "Buddy" White, Division 696

First Alternate Board of Appeals-Canada
G.C. "Gordy" Howe, Division 728
First Alternate Board of Appeals-U.S. East
D.A. Myers, Division 447
First Alternate Board of Appeals-U.S. Southeast
T.E. Hudson, Division 156
First Alternate Board of Appeals-U.S. Southwest
L.R. Jean-Louis, Division 366
First Alternate Board of Appeals-U.S. Northwest
R.E. Etienne, Division 758
Second Alternate Board of Appeals-Canada
D.R. Able, Division 322
Second Alternate Board of Appeals-U.S. East
J.P. Louis, Division 421
Second Alternate Board of Appeals-U.S. Southeast
W.R. Skidmore, Division 782
Second Alternate Board of Appeals-U.S. Southwest
J.R. Hagar, Division 462
Second Alternate Board of Appeals-U.S. Northwest
J.W. Reynolds, Division 209

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