Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate addresses BLE delegates

Warren Tolman addresses delegates.

Warren Tolman, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, addressed delegates on the afternoon of September 25 at the BLE's Seventh Quinquennial Convention.

Tolman introduced himself as a pro-railroad candidate from a railroad family. His brother John is Assistant to the International President and has been a member of the BLE for more than 20 years.

"John and I were two of eight kids of a union railroad leader," Tolman said. "My father, Dave Tolman, learned some very, very important lessons - lessons that all of you are familiar with - lessons to work hard, to listen to people and be honest.

"These are values that each of you exhibit on a regular basis, working 12 hour days to provide for your family, and I'm honored to be with all of you here today.

A Massachusetts native, Tolman is familiar with the necessity of Amtrak in the Northeast Corridor. He is a strong supporter of funding for Amtrak and acknowledged the important role BLE members play in the success of the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

"During this difficult time in our nation's history, there's a lot of focus on air transportation," Tolman said. "Coming from a railroad family, my belief is that we should put more resources, more money, into rail transportation because it's safer, it's environmentally more friendly, it's more efficient, it's more economical."

In spite of the terrorist attacks on the United States, Tolman credits organized labor for helping the nation's economy get back on track.

"We will see a rebirth of freedom, a renewal that is so important to what makes America great," Tolman concluded.


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