Railroad Retirement bill goes down to the wire

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers -- National Negotiation Committee started negotiations with Canadian National Railway.

During the week of September 25, 2000, the Committee, comprised of Canadian Director G. Hallé, General Chairman M.W. Simpson, General Chairman R. Dyon and acting General Chairman C.I. Smith, prepared and finalized the various demands served by the CN Canadian Divisions and submitted them with the CCROU to Canadian National on Friday, Sept. 29. At the same time, demands were received from CN.

The following weeks were set aside for contracts talks:

All collective agreements with CN expire on Dec. 31, 2000. Under the Labour Code, all terms and conditions are presently frozen until a new agreement is reached.

A similar National Negotiation Committee has been set to deal with the VIA Rail renewal of collective agreements.

The Brotherhood is projecting a delay in regards to the VIA talks due to the pending decision from the CIRB concerning the revision of Vice-Chairman M. Pineau's award that was issued last fall.

The members will be kept informed through the BLE web page and by their Division officers on the developments of these important negotiations.


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