BLE-RCTC members ratify contract with Canadian Pacific

The Memorandum of Settlement of August 4, 2000, between the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Canadian Pacific for Rail Traffic Controllers has been ratified by the membership.

Congratulations to the negotiating team: Canadian Director Gilles Hallé; General Chairman Jim Ruddick; Special Representative Darrell Arnold; and the two representatives of the BLE-RCTC, Kari Essery and Danny MacIver.

This settlement concludes a bargaining round which began in October of 1999 and continues in effect for three years until December 31, 2002.

This settlement gives wage increases of 2% in each of the three years and benefit plan enhancements in the areas of life insurance, dental, extended health and vision care and weekly indemnity sickness. Four RTC desks were upgraded one rate level amounting to approximately $1.00 per hour increase for each and the interlocking RTC's at 12th Street Tower (Calgary) and Rugby (Winnipeg) received a $.75 per hour increase in addition to the general wage increase.

The major component of the settlement is in the area of pension plan improvements with no additional contributions from the employees. Changes in work rules which were necessary to both sides were also negotiated between the parties.


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