Volume 12, Number 9 ­ September 1998



Page 1
BLE to tackle "55-and-30" retirement issue
Monin testifies to Congress on widws' benefits, fatigue
Monin appointed to Amtrak Reform Council

Page 2
Railroad management "poor," BLE survey says
Telephone survey results reinforce BLE Strategic Plan

Page 3
UP restructuring long overdue, BLE says
FRA tests closed quadrant gates
Canadian S-T class a first
BLE Job Bank -- Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corp.

Page 4
BLE's Fatigue Abatement Wish List
Monin's testimony on engineer fatigue

Page 5
Widows' benefits must be improved, Monin testifies

Page 6
Railroad Retirement Board announces early retirement reductions

Page 7
BLE simulators, locomotive engineer training school ready to roll

Page 8
BLE membership increases for19 months in a row
BLE scores organizing victory
Second local chairman workshop set for November at Meany Center
BLE Calendar
BLE Advisory Board activity report


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