Volume 11, Number 9 -- September 1997

Page 1
"Fundamental breakdown" on Union Pacific, 57% of its locomotives defective
BLE tops UTU on Via Rail in Canada, gains 260 new members
Certification issue settled -- effective date and back pay only issues remaining

Page 2
Operation Lifesaver rolls through Ohio
Monin, city of Lakewood say "no" to NS, CSX purchase of Conrail
BLE newsletter wins first place award from Association of Railway Communicators

Page 3, Mobilization Report
Philadelphia mobilization rally focuses on NS, CSX buy-out of Conrail

Page 4, Canadian Spotlight
Canadian National Legislative Board gives $2,000 to candidates
New dues procedure in Canada

Page 5
Monin attends Sheridan, Wyo. Division 624 meeting, picnic
BLE Job Bank, Utah Railway Company
Advisory Board August Activity report

Page 6
Early steps taken to correct UP problems
BLE Safety Task Force probes UP's fatal August 20 crash in Ft. Worth
Select passage from FRA's 17-page report after two-week investigation of UP

Page 7
BLE officials report "working conditions intolerable" on UP
BLE backs UP's management shake-up; King new UP of Operations

Page 8
BLE Membership on the rise!
BLE Calendar
Fees objector policy


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