Carriers spend millions lobbying; Help our cause and support BLET-PAC!

In just over a year, America will face one of the most important presidential elections in history. Your vote will be important, but so will your contribution to the BLET-PAC!

It is the goal of the BLET - as well as all of organized labor - to elect a pro-labor White House to work with the pro-labor Congress elected in November of 2006. Your vote will help us to achieve our goal, so it is extremely important that you register to vote.

And you can bet that labor's enemies are working against you along every step of the way.

Even though the election isn't until November of 2008, America's Big Railroads have already approximately $9 million on high priced lobbyists.

According to recent reports - made available on the Internet by the Senate's public records office - here is what the nation's railroads have spent to lobby the federal government in the first six months of 2007:

The railroads already have a head start $9 million. Keep in mind, the $9 million spent on lobbying is just for the first six months of the year - you can expect that to double to more than $18 million by the end of 2007, and to only increase during the Presidential election year of 2008.

You can see what your BLET representatives in Washington, D.C. are up against, and we ask that you do your part to help level the playing field.

The law prohibits the use of union dues for political purposes, so the contributions of individual members to our PAC is what gives our union leverage in the political battles in Washington, D.C., and the states by enabling us to support politicians who are receptive to our widely held concerns.

A strong BLET PAC demonstrates that our union is engaged in the process. It demonstrates that our members are plugged into the process and paying attention to what is going in the political arena.

For more information on the BLET PAC, speak to your Legislative Representative or call the BLET's National Legislative Office in Washington, D.C., at (202) 624-8776.

Brothers and Sisters, don't get caught sitting in the siding. Do your part to support the BLET PAC today!!



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