What's Inside
Volume 21 - Number 9
September 2007

Switching safety: Remain vigilant, remain safe

BLET Auxiliary awards six scholarships

Teamsters announce essay contest for $1,000 scholarships

BRCF announces scholarship changes

History of the BLET, Part 2

Memorial fund to help children of late BLET member

Grand Trunk General Chairman Karakian reelected

BNSF General Chairman Morrison reelected

National Labor College announces 2008 hazmat training

DOL announces revised LM-30 reporting requirements

A message from IBT General President James P. Hoffa

Advisory Board June 2007 Activity

Calendar & Events


BLET, NS reach tentative agreement

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen has reached a tentative contract agreement with Norfolk Southern that would run through 2014.

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BLET bill helps create rail expansion in New Hampshire

The governor of New Hampshire signed a BLET-backed measure on July 27 that will help create railroad jobs and revitalize freight and passenger rail service in the state.

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Carriers spend millions lobbying; Help our cause and support the BLET Pac!!

In just over a year, America will face one of the most important presidential elections in history. Your vote will be important, but so will your contribution to the BLET-PAC!

It is the goal of the BLET - as well as all of organized labor - to elect a pro-labor White House to work with the pro-labor Congress elected in November of 2006. Your vote will help us to achieve our goal, so it is extremely important that you register to vote.

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What the AFL-CIO forgot to mention

As the victim of raiding at the hands of the United Transportation Union for the better part of the last decade, it is an understatement to say that the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen takes exception to the AFL-CIO's August 8 statement.

In the last decade, this organization spent countless man hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect our membership from numerous hostile takeover attempts waged by the United Transportation Union.

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