Election Supervisor's Report to BLET-IBT Members

Candidates Nominated for International Office at the 27th IBT International Convention ­ 1799 delegates, including delegates elected from BLET General Committees of Adjustment, attended the 27th International Convention of the IBT in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 26 through June 30, 2006. At the convention, delegates nominated candidates for IBT International offices. There are contested elections for the offices of General President, General Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President At-Large, and Vice-President for the Central, Eastern and Southern regions. The candidates nominated for the ballot are listed below, by slate affiliation and office sought. The order of names corresponds to the lottery results for the appearance of candidates' campaign literature in the September 2006 Teamster. You can read the candidates' campaign literature in the Teamster magazine or on line at www.Teamsters.org.

Each candidate received at least five percent of the delegate votes cast in their nomination contest.

Tom Leedham ­ Strong Contracts, Good Pensions Slate
General President Candidate
Tom Leedham
General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate
Sandy Pope
Central Region Vice-President Candidates
Tim Buban
Butch Lewis
Richard Berg
Darwin Moore
Mark Huckleberry
Southern Region Vice-President Candidates
T.C. Bundrant
Toni Jackson
International Trustee Candidates
Doris Cash
At-Large Vice-President Candidates
Kevin McNiff
Eunice Rodriguez
Chris Roos
Scott Webber
Ed Michael
Dan Scott
John Thyer

Virtue- DiLeo Slate
Eastern Region Vice-President Candidates
Daniel Virtue
Donald DiLeo

Hoffa 2006 ­ America's Strongest Union Slate
General President Candidate
James P. Hoffa
General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate
C. Thomas Keegel
Central Region Vice-President Candidates
Gordon Sweeton
Walter A. Lytle
John T. Coli
Cheryl Johnson
Patrick Flynn
Eastern Region Vice-President Candidates
John Murphy
Frank Gillen
Dan Kane, Sr.
Jack Cipriani
Southern Region Vice-President Candidates
Tyson Johnson
Kenneth W. Wood
International Trustee Candidates
Henry Perry
Ferline Buie
Franklin Gallegos
At-Large Vice-President Candidates
George Tedeschi
Fred Potter
Ken Hall
Carl Haynes
Fred Simpson
Randy Cammack
Fred Gegare

Independent Candidates
General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate
Michael Klootwyk
At-Large Vice-President Candidate
Dotty Malinsky

Candidate Forum ­ The 2006 IBT International Officer Candidate Forum took place on August 25, 2006 in Washington, D.C. The participants in the Candidate Forum were General President Candidate Tom Leedham and General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate C. Thomas Keegel. General President Candidate James P. Hoffa exercised his right to designate the General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate on his slate as his representative to appear at the forum. A panel of journalists posed questions to the candidates.

You can watch the Candidate Forum at any time from any computer with an internet connection (cable modem, DSL, or dial-up with at least a 56K modem). The full video recording can be viewed at www.ibtvote.org OR at www.teamsters.org. At less than 56K, you can still listen to the forum over the internet, but you will not see the video. Anyone may link to or promote www.ibtvote.org as a source for the Candidate Forum. You can read or download a transcript of the Candidate Forum at any time from any computer with an internet connection. The complete transcript is available at www.ibtvote.org OR at www.teamsters.org.

DVD's of the forum have been distributed to every General Committee of Adjustment and you can borrow a copy there. Copies of the DVD have also been made available to the candidates to distribute. Any member can also get a DVD recording and/or a transcript of the Candidate Forum, free of charge, by calling the Election Supervisor's Office at 888-IBT-2006 (888-428-2006) or, in the Washington, D.C. area, 202-429-8683; or by sending an email with the member's name, local union number, and mailing address to ElectionSupervisor@ibtvote.org. You may also obtain a copy of the transcript at www.ibtvote.org

General Election Dates ­ Every IBT member, including members from the newly merged BLET, will have an opportunity to campaign, support and vote for any candidate or group of candidates in the International officer election. The Office of the Election Supervisor will conduct the mail ballot election for the contested offices. Ballots will be mailed to the entire IBT membership, including BLET members, on October 6, 2006, and the ballot count will start on November 14, 2006 continuing each day to completion. Details of the balloting and count are available on www.ibtvote.org. Please make sure your General Committee of Adjustment has your correct mailing address. If you do not receive a ballot by October 15, 2006, please contact us at 1-888-428-2006 and we will send one to you.

Political and Campaigning Rights of IBT Members ­Including BLET Members ­ The Rules protect the rights of all members to support or oppose any candidate and it is unlawful for the International or any local union to subject any member to retaliation for exercising political rights. Candidates have the right to have display campaign literature on local union campaign literature tables or local union bulletin boards and members may put campaign bumper stickers and signs on their personal cars (but not on union-supplied cars, or employers' vehicles). Candidates and members have the right to distribute campaign literature to members entering and exiting employee parking lots at employer locations. This right extends to all employee parking lots where IBT members, work, not just the candidate's local union jurisdiction. IBT members may also wear campaign buttons at work, if any type of buttons or pins have been worn by employees in the past, unless at the time they are wearing a campaign button they are also wearing a company uniform and interacting with the public, or if wearing the campaign button poses a safety hazard while working around machinery or equipment. In July, we upheld a member's right to wear campaign buttons while on the clock in a setting where the member was not interacting with the public and where employees had a pre-existing right to wear such items. In re Misich, 2006 ESD 323 (July 8, 2006), affirmed, 06 EAM 56 (July 21, 2006). 


Officers Duly Elected at the 27th International Convention ­ The number of candidates nominated at the Convention for regional vice-presidents for the Western Region and for Teamsters Canada did not exceed the number of positions available. Accordingly, on the last day of the convention the Election Supervisor certified that these International officers were duly elected:

Western Region Vice-Presidents
Jim Santangelo
Chuck Mack
Al Hobart
Teamsters Canada Vice-Presidents
Tom Fraser
Don McGill
Robert Bouvier

These duly elected officers will not start their term until the final certification of the results of the rank-and-file election for the contested International offices.

Richard W. Mark
Election Supervisor



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