Rail Labor: Used and abused!

Unions join together in demanding fair treatment for workers, fair shake in negotiations

Rail Labor is standing strong and united in the face of railroad greed and rail employer abuses. The carriers use us, then abuse us. We will not tolerate it; we will fight it.

A united Rail Labor demands that the carriers abandon their scorched earth policy of labor relations and negotiate fair and equitable contracts with all the unions representing railroad employees whose hard work and dedication have generated record profits for the carriers. Rail Labor demands fairness and respect. Nothing more; nothing less.

On the BLET website (www.ble-t.org) is a list of issues where rail labor has assisted the railroads over the past four decades. The carriers could not, on their own, have accomplished the passage of these legislative acts, which have returned billions of dollars to the rail industry. But rail labor, by aligning with the carriers, aided the carriers in passing legislation favorable to the rail industry during an era when the railroads were struggling financially.

And the carriers have shown their gratitude by seeking givebacks and job cuts.

As a symbol of Rail Labor's solidarity and anger, the Rail Unions are launching the first salvo in an ongoing campaign to visibly demonstrate our members' anger at the carriers' greed and unfairness.

Each BLET Division will soon be receiving a supply of bumper stickers proclaiming: "The Nation's Railroads - They Use Us, Then Abuse Us." The bumper stickers carry the logos of all rail unions.

This campaign is the first of several coordinated mobilizations intended to demonstrate our solidarity and joint resolve to obtain fair and equitable contracts. We will continue to ratchet up our efforts in the days and months ahead until we achieve a just resolution of our contract demands.

Please join with all of Rail Labor in this membership mobilization effort by proudly displaying a bumper sticker on your personal vehicle. Every rail union is doing the same. Standing together, we shall prevail!



© 2006 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen