Important prescription drug notice for retirees

In 2003 President Bush signed the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act that established Medicare coverage for prescription drugs. On January 1, 2006 Medicare will begin covering prescription drugs under a new "Medicare Part D." For retirees covered by Medicare, this change offers the opportunity to purchase prescription drug coverage for a monthly premium.

This change is of particular interest to retirees covered under UnitedHealthcare's policy GA-23111 Plan D which currently provides benefits for drugs. UnitedHealthcare has announced that as a result of this new Medicare coverage, GA-23111 Plan D will be terminating and coverage will be moved to Plan F. Plan F offers the same medical and hospital coverage as GA-23111 Plan D without the drug coverage. UnitedHealthcare will make this move automatically so retirees will not have to do anything to keep their current medical and hospital benefits.

Retirees currently enrolled in GA-23111 Plan D who want to continue drug coverage will have to enroll in Medicare Part D. All Medicare eligible retirees should also consider enrolling in Medicare Part D.

Additional details about this new Medicare benefit will be mailed to Medicare beneficiaries in October. However, here are some important facts about the Medicare prescription drug coverage we think you should know:

Important dates

If you have any questions about these important changes you can call UnitedHealthcare's member services at 1-800-809-0453.


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